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YVC Raptor (Falcon, Owl, etc) Check-ups

We recommend two check-ups per year, at the beginning and end of their season: May and  September for education birds, August and January or February for hunting birds.

What are the training schedule and goals for your bird?

The exam will be head to vent to wingtips. We will verify a band or microchip, or install a microchip.

Diagnostics  Please bring a less-than-day-old dropping for screening for internal parasites. If you would like to expand upon your bird's exam we can also do blood testing (cbc, chemistries, west nile virus titer, aspergillus titer, heavy metals, and blood parasite detection), imaging (xray and ultrasound) and more (trichomonas swab and wet mount).

Deworming  Prophylactic treatment for internal parasites is important. Typical medications include ivermection (0.2 mg/kg po or im) or pyrantel (25 mg/kg po) and praziquantel (8 mg/kg po).
Yarmouth Veterinary Center