Some Practical Matters

Yarmouth Veterinary Center

75 Willow Street
Yarmouth , ME 04096


A Brief History of Yarmouth Veterinary Center in Yarmouth, Maine


Louise LeBoeuf and Peter Smith started Yarmouth Veterinary Center in 1986.  For the first six months the practice was housecalls-only, while they lived in the 1826 house on the corner of Bridge and Willow Streets in Yarmouth and converted the attached dirt-floor shed into a cozy three-and-a-half room hospital. The x-ray machine was in their living room. 

A year later Louise and Peter moved out to allow their practice to take over the whole house. A couple of years after that they renovated a little old cape on the other side of Willow Street, turning it into a grooming salon and boarding kennel.     

In the summer of 2000 they completed construction of the present-day Yarmouth Veterinary Center, on the site of their former Willow Street boarding/grooming facility, across from the  beloved antique house that served them so well for so many years. YVC is now housed in a facility designed, constructed, and equipped to allow them, and their wonderful associate veterinarians and staff, to provide the best veterinary care possible for their client's pets.           

The x-ray machine is no longer in their living room, but their practice is still home to them, and their clients and patients are the most welcome of guests.