Yarmouth Veterinary Center

75 Willow Street
Yarmouth , ME 04096



BIRDS OF ALL TYPES have been a big part of our practice for over 30 years. We see all sizes and types of parrots, poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail) peacocks, passerines (canaries, finches, a few mynahs), pigeons, and raptors (mostly injured hawks and owls, but a couple of falcons kept for sport hunting). 


Our bird services include all of the many services we provide for dogs and cats - exams, laboratory tests, x-ray and ultrasound exams, in-patient and out-patient medical treatment, and surgery. We are proficient at nail trims, wing trims, and beak trims. 


For pet birds we recommend an annual wellness exam. Quite a few years ago, we routinely recommended a blood profile along with wellness exams for birds, and we are always glad to do one if our client requests it, but it is our opinion that this is not necessary for pet birds that appear healthy on their exam.