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At Yarmouth Veterinary Center, dentistry for pets is our passion. We believe dental care is of equal importance to medical care and surgical care. Oral health problems are the most common type of pet health problem. They usually involve pain, inflammation and infection in the mouth, which makes it very important and worthwhile to diagnose and treat them, and to try to prevent them. But oral health problems also have direct, significant impact on a pet's over-all health and longevity, so managing them is an essential part of what we do. 


The cornerstone of dog and cat dental care is our routine dental cleaning. We perform dental cleanings on multiple patients every day, and we clean the teeth of over 600 dogs and cats a year. 


We have two state-of-the-art dental workstations; each one is equipped with a digital dental x-ray machine. 


We regularly perform tooth extractions, ranging from simple removal of loose teeth to complex extraction of multi-rooted broken teeth. We perform whole-mouth extractions on cats with severe gingivomucositis (stomatitis), and we remove oral tumors as well.