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The essential test for determining a pet's correct insulin dose is a blood glucose (sugar) test. A single blood glucose test is of limited value; instead, we use a blood glucose curve, comprised of one blood glucose test once every two to four hours over the course of a single day.

Blood glucose testing can be done in our office and at home. For most pets, the schedule for blood glucose testing is a short curve on the first and third day of insulin therapy, a regular curve on the tenth day, and then a regular curve once weekly until the correct insulin dose is found.

At YVC we feel it is important that the first three curves be done in our hospital. If you have any inclination to try blood glucose monitoring at home, please review the process at  http://www.alphatrakmeter.com/index.html

If home monitoring looks like something you want to try, you can start doing curves at home any time after the first three. Home monitoring is not required; if you are not completely comfortable with blood collection we can do the curves while your pet is hospitalized here for a day.  

The AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the one we recommend for home use, and one reason is that it is the same one we use in our hospital. We can easily help you with questions about using the meter and the supplies, and the results you obtain at home should be consistent with the ones we obtain here.