Yarmouth Veterinary Center

75 Willow Street
Yarmouth , ME 04096



At Yarmouth Veterinary Center we have a state-of-the-art in-house diagnostic lab. We have same-day (often same-hour) results on important blood, urine and fecal tests. Two types of testing that we make particularly frequent use of are pre-anesthetic blood testing and cytology.


After a pet is admitted to YVC for a dental or surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia we perform a pre-anesthetic blood profile. This profile works as an extension of the physical exam, giving us information that we cannot see or feel on a physical exam, such as  how the liver and kidneys are functioning. 


As we use it in veterinary medicine, cytology is microscopic exam of cells and other material, especially discharge from body tissues. Using cytology we can obtain important diagnostic information in minutes. For example, we can aspirate some cells from a lump on a pet using a needle the same size as that we typically use for vaccinations. Our exam of these cells can tell us if the lump is a benign, harmless lipoma (fatty tumor) that does not need to be surgically removed, or something potentially worse that should be removed. Our microscope is equipped with a view screen and a camera, so we can easily share the sample on the microscope slide with each other in-house, or send images to specialists at the diagnostic reference lab or other consultation services.