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We euthanize cats or dogs by first administering an anesthetic injection in a muscle. This injection sometimes stings but it is over in a moment. Within a minute to several minutes the pet falls asleep. This is a surgical anesthetic; once the pet it asleep it feels no pain or anxiety.


Once the pet is asleep we administer the euthanasia injection intravenously. Within several seconds the pet passes away. 


The pet owners have the options of staying with their pet until it passes away, staying until their pet falls asleep from the anesthetic then leaving, or not staying for any part of the procedure. There is no general right or wrong; what is right is what feels right to the pet owner at the time of the procedure. 


We offer private cremation, with the ashes returned to the owner, and non-private cremation with the ashes not returned. Occasionally an owner elects to take their pet's remains for home burial. 


Euthanasia usually takes place in our office, but we do many euthanasias as housecalls as well. 


Yarmouth Veterinary Center