Yarmouth Veterinary Center

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We euthanize ferrets by administering a gas general anesthetic by face mask or by placing the pet in a small anesthesia box. Within several seconds to a minute the pet is completely asleep and unaware of the euthanasia injection that follows. While the ferret is maintained under general anesthesia with gas we administer an injection of the same medication we use to euthanize dogs and cats. This is the most effective and humane euthanasia possible. 


Because of how quickly general anesthesia occurs and also because of the safety requirements regarding the use of gas anesthesia we do not allow clients to be present for the anesthesia or euthanasia when we use this method.


The owner has the options of seeing their pet after it has passed away, and of taking the remains with them for home burial or leaving them here. We offer private cremation, with the ashes returned to the owner, or non-private cremation, with the ashes not returned.


Yarmouth Vet Center