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At YVC, we usually euthanize fish using an injection of the same medication that we use for euthanasia of cats or dogs. Alternatively, we will sometimes immerse them in a concentrated solution of the medication tricaine. We believe these methods are the best options; they must be done in our office - we cannot dispense these medications for home use.

The following clove oil protocol is not recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association due to lack of clinical trials. However, it is has often been used and recommended by fish veterinarians and fish owners, and we believe it is an effective and humane option.


Clove oil is available as an over-the-counter product at most pharmacies. Twenty to fifty drops are used per gallon of water for euthanasia. The fish is left in this solution until all gill movements have stopped for 30 minutes. The fish is then place in a freezer overnight.


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