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We euthanize reptiles the same way we euthanize dogs and cats: first we administer a general anesthetic, then, when the pet is asleep, we administer an injection of the same euthanasia medication we use for dogs and cats. This is the most effective and humane method of euthanasia.


Reptile euthanasia differs from dog and cat euthanasia in a few important ways:
~ Dogs and cats reliably fall asleep from the general anesthetic in 5 minutes or less. Reptiles can take up to 30 minutes to become anesthetized.
~ Dogs and cats reliably pass away within a minute of receiving the euthanasia injection. Reptiles might pass away this quickly or they may take up to 30 minutes to do so.
~ It is simple for our veterinarians to confirm that a dog or cat is deceased. Reptile heart beats are normally very soft and their heart rate is very slow, and they become softer and slower after anesthesia and euthanasia injections, so it is more challenging for us to confirm that a reptile has passed away. We routinely wait until our physical exam indicates that the pet is most likely deceased, then we examine the heart with either an ultrasound probe or doppler blood pressure probe. When this exam indicates that the pet is deceased we place it in our freezer overnight.


Because of these differences, we do not offer the option of owners being with their reptile when we euthanize it. The owner has the option of picking up the remains for home burial. We offer private cremation, with the ashes returned to the owner, or non-private cremation, with the ashes not returned


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