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At YVC we euthanize reptiles by first administering a gas or injectable anesthetic. Within several seconds to a minute or two the reptile is asleep, and then we give an injection of the same medication we use to euthanize dogs and cats. This is the most peaceful and humane euthanasia process possible.


For pets other than dogs and cats we do not offer the option of the owner being present for the euthanasia. We bring the reptile to our treatment area, where it is anesthetized and euthanized. Because it can be difficult to determine when a reptile has passed away, we confirm this has happened with an ultrasound exam of the heart.


Owners then have the options of seeing their deceased pet, taking the remains for home burial, or leaving the remains for cremation. Cremation can be either private (the pet is cremated by itself and the ashes returned to the owner) or non-private (the pet is cremated with other pets and the ashes are not returned).


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