Yarmouth Veterinary Center

75 Willow Street
Yarmouth , ME 04096



The exam price is the same for annual exams and exams for health problems, and it is the same for office visit or drop-off appointments. Because all pets are individuals and some pets have special exam requirements, for example, anesthesia to allow handling, the actual exam price for your pet might be different from what is posted here. 


DOG OR CAT                               75.00

BIRD                                             75.00

POULTRY, WATERFOWL          75.00

RABBIT                                        75.00

REPTILE                                      75.00

FERRET                                       75.00

RODENT                                     49.00

HEDGEHOG                               49.00

SUGAR GLIDER                         49.00

AMPHIBIAN                                75.00

FISH                                             75.00