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While this is not intended as a comprehensive set of instructions, this general plan describes the basics of hand-feeding and weaning. It is important to have a gram scale to monitor the chick's weight.

- Use a high quality hand feeding formula such as Harrison's (harrisonsbirdfoods.com).

- Feed the bird 10cc per 100 grams body weight per feeding at 7 AM, 5 PM and 11PM until it reaches 35 days old.

- At 35-44 days old, feed the bird at 7 AM and 7 PM at 10 cc per 100 grams until 45 days old.

- At 45 days old, feed at 7 PM until weaning at 10 cc per 100 grams.

- Make sure the room the bird is in is kept at is 90 F.

- Make sure to heat formula to 105 F and measure with candy thermometer, warm in water bath (no microwave).

- Do not reuse formula, make it fresh each time.

- Follow instructions on the packaging for dilution. 

- Keep the chick on paper towels, not corncobs or wood shavings.

- Pelleted foods (again, Harrison's) are best. Offer the pellets along with dark green leafy vegetables (not fruits or seeds) on a flat tray rather than a bowl. Having the bird out and working with it in a foraging manner is an excellent way to teach it to eat on it's own.