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Nutraceuticals are supplements that have pharmaceutical effects. The FDA regulates four categories of products: pharmaceuticals (drugs), dietary supplements, food additives, and food. The regulations differ for each category: pharmaceutical manufacturers need to meet extensive quality, safety and efficacy guidelines with their products; supplement and additive manufacturers do not.


The FDA regulates nutraceuticals as supplements, not pharmaceuticals. Companies that market nutraceuticals do not need to meet the standards of quality, safety, and efficacy that are met by pharmaceutical companies. As a result, nutraceuticals vary widely in quality, and there is no easy way to tell which are good and which are not. For example, it is very possible that the bottle of fish oil capsules you purchase at the grocery store or pharmacy contains very little fish oil. This type of problem has been verified with many research studies.


At YVC we only stock nutraceuticals from reliable companies. Nutramax, the manufacturer of Dasuquin, Welactin, Solliquin, and more, voluntarily meets the FDA guidelines for pharmaceuticals with their nutraceuticals. Bayer (Free Form), Vetoquinol (Zylkene), and Hill’s pet foods (Stress formulas) also maintain high standards for their nutraceuticals.


Glucosamine/chondroitin nutraceuticals provide the building blocks for healthy cartilage and joint fluid. The Dasuquin products, made by Nutramax, combine glucosamine/chondroitin with several other nutraceuticals that boost the effectiveness of the g/c and provide anti-inflammatory effect.


Fish oil provides anti-inflammatory effects. We stock Welactin (Nutramax) and Free Form (Bayer).


Zylkene and Solliquin are nutraceuticals that provide calming and anti-anxiety effects. Some of Hill’s Prescription Diet pet foods also contain calming nutraceuticals.


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