Yarmouth Veterinary Center

75 Willow Street
Yarmouth , ME 04096



In order to have surgery, patients must be up-to-date on an annual exam or puppy/kitten exam with Yarmouth Veterinary Center. This exam must be with Yarmouth Veterinary Center and not another veterinary practice, it can be done on the day of the surgery or a different day, and it is charged for at regular YVC prices. The surgery price includes anesthesia, surgery, and all related medications and hospitalization. 


Every pet is an individual, and some individuals might require variations to the standard surgical procedure. These surgical variations might affect the final cost. 


YVC has two items that are optional with spay and neuter surgery:

BLOOD PROFILE ON THE DAY OF SURGERY          99.00     A blood profile works as an extension of the physical exam, giving us a more detailed evaluation of your pet's health status. This can impact how we manage anesthesia and surgery. It also provides baseline test numbers specific for your pet, which are helpful if your pet has another blood profile in the future. 

SURGICAL LASER          79.00      YVC has a surgical laser. We can use this in place of a scalpel and scissors to make incisions. Benefits include less bleeding during surgery and less pain on recovery. 



SPAY                                 275.00

NEUTER                           160.00


1 - 24 lbs                           325.00
25 - 49 lbs                        350.00
50 - 74 lbs                        395.00
75 - 99 lbs                        450.00
100 - 124 lbs                     500.00
125 - 149 lbs                     550.00
150 - 174 lbs                     650.00
175 lbs and over              800.00

1-24 lbs                             275.00
25 - 74 lbs                         300.00
75 lbs and over                325.00