Yarmouth Veterinary Center

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Vaccine Prices


In order to be vaccinated patients must be up-to-date on an annual exam or puppy/kitten exam with Yarmouth Veterinary Center. This exam must be with Yarmouth Veterinary Center and not another veterinary practice, it can be done on the day of the vaccine or a different day, and it is charged for at regular YVC prices. This exam is not required for rabies or kennel cough vaccines or for 2-to-4 week booster vaccines for an adult dog or cat. 


DA2PP  40.00 distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo, 1-year or 3-year
RABIES 35.00 1-year or 3-year
KENNEL COUGH 40.00 1-year
DOG FLU 49.00 1-year
LEPTOSPIROSIS 40.00 1-year
LYME 45.00 1-year
RATTLESNAKE 49.00 1-year, sometimes requires additional charge for vaccine shipping


FVRCP 40.00 distemper, upper respiratory, 1-year or 3-year, non-adjuvant
RABIES 40.00 1-year, non-adjuvant
LEUKEMIA 40.00 1-year, non-adjuvant


DISTEMPER   40.00 1-year
RABIES 35.00 1 year